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I know you’re one of a kind – that’s what I like about you! That’s also why I personalise your meal plan, so it’s 100% designed for your taste, goals, budget, and lifestyle.

This meal plan is suitable for men and women and contains 3 options for breakfast, lunch, dinner an snack a day.


If you’re a new exerciser or you’re trying to get back to exercise, knowing where to start is a challenge. The right workout schedule will depend on a variety of factors like your age, fitness level, goals, and any physical issues you may have.

Start with the basics. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get healthy, get in better shape, or all of the above, there are three main components to your program and your schedule will ensure you get the right amount of each of these types of exercise throughout the week.


Level up your fitness and crush your goals! Get the body you’ve always wanted by training with me 2 a 3 times per week.