I am living a fit and healthy lifestyle since 2011 when I came to
understand that one of my family member was going through a
rough time/sickness. Actually, I was looking for a way to fight
the devil in my head. And the best way to do it was to spent my
time doing something useful. So I sign myself up for the gym.

I managed to keep my schedule very busy, so I did not have to
think about any bad stuff. I went to school in the morning,
afterwards to work and later on to the gym. I was doing good
for the time being. I truly found peace in my soul.

It felt so good, that I became obsessed. I was eating good,
sleeping well. And I also managed to gain weight and become an
Instagram Fitness model (=@ddynastie).
Right now, I do not have the time and space to go to the gym.
But I still pull off at home.