She beat Cancer – Shanty Burleson

img_6943-1At just 16 years old, my cousin, Shanty Burleson was diagnosed with leukemia. Her parents, friends and family were devastated, but she proved to have a fighting spirit.

Once the doctors found out that she had cancer, she was transported to The Netherlands to get chemotherapy treatments.

After months of chemotherapy treatments and daily doses of medication, Shanty was left with hair loss and a low immunity… but she was a fighter, she didn’t give up.

I tried to do my best to be there not only for her, but also for her mother.

Our faith was being tested, and no matter what the doctors said or how we felt, one thing we didn’t lose, was Faith.

I have to admit: I never saw her with another eyes, but the one of someone who was going to get through it all.

On 2 March she arrived save and sound on Curaçao. On 8 March she had her very first testimonial speech to motivate other woman dealing with this terrible disease.
Shanty, I’m very proud of you. You’re one of the strongest woman I have every seen. And no matter what, we’ll always keep you in our prayers. You know why? Because, God is Good. And we need to thank Him, not only today, but every day for this miracle.

With love,

Suheily Statia


6 thoughts on “She beat Cancer – Shanty Burleson

  1. beautiful story, faith will get you through anything. Your cousin is a strong and very brave woman, I am so happy for her and wise her the best of luck on all she has in store for her future. Blessings.

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  2. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, I’m always amazed at the things God does for us.
    This is such a beautiful story!
    Shanty is a very strong individual, especially standing up and speaking out about this disease!
    That’s a confidence even I don’t have!
    Praying for Shanty 💜

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