The Hottest Curaçao Model of All Time – Monifa Jansen

If you are unfamiliar with Monifa Jansen than get to know the Miss Universe Curaçao 2012.

Monifa Jansen, born in 1993, has participated in several beauty pageants and made herself recognizable for her amazing body and beautiful facial features. Monifa selfies have attracted more than 409K followers to her Instagram account.

Besides having the goods all the men want in a female, she is also indulged in law.

Monifa Jansen

“I represent my flag! I’m a proud Curaçaoleña!” she said.

Despite the fame, the former model, Monifa Jansen remain to live on Curaçao. She is one proud Curaçaoleña who did not forgot where she came from.

In October 2016, she got the opportunity to be in Dj Khaled videoclip call “Do You Mind”. Watch it now!

And If you want to keep it up with the Jansen, you better start following her now.


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