She broke the Internet – @Malva_Fit_

It is no news, that Malva Sambo better know as Malva Fit a bombshell is with the body we all want. Although she may not be everyone’s favorite fitness model, Malva does have her followers in the palm of her hands – especially when she decides to break the internet sharing promotion video’s!

One thing about Malva is that she truly stands for woman’s right. She want them to love their body and not to be shamed when they do so.

Malva Fit has been accused way to many time of being fake. So she decide finally to reply to her non-believers.

She said: “I do not like to talk much, but instead I love to come with prove. Some people will never understand how difficult it can be to gain weight. Oh no, wait! Some people will never understand how hard other people work for their goals. And some people will never understand the struggle. So, they will call you fake and they will say it can not be true. But that is how people are … you can not change that. Just remember one thing: You are doing it for yourself and for nobody else. This is what I have been through, this was my struggle and my insecurities.”

Check her Instagram now!

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