DYNA™ goes to Curaçao

DYNA™ goes to Curaçao Here's what you asked for. DYNA™ goes to Curaçao. So this is your opportunity to pre-order your mealplan and trainingschedule for the end of the month. Combo (mealplan & trainingschedule) A step-by-step diet and exercise plan from me, this plans reveals the insider tips and tricks for sustainable weight loss and …

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Celebrity for a day!

These photoshoot and makeover experiences are the perfect treat to make you feel a million dollars, and are an ideal gift for anyone who wants to feel like a celebrity for a day! SASS.Studio Let a team of professional makeup artists and photographers primp and preen you to perfection, before strutting your stuff in front …

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Black Friday 2019 Countdown to Black Friday Sale! Which sales can you expect? DISCOUNT ON OUR MEALPLAN (weight gain or weightloss) I know you’re one of a kind – that’s what I like about you! That’s also why I personalise your meal plan, so it’s 100% designed for your taste, goals, budget, and lifestyle. This …

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It’s nearly time to swin in those bikini's and shorts. But don’t panic, you can still get in shape in just 60 days. Consider this your two-month warning. There are only 60-odd days and counting until your holiday, which means that there are little more than 30 gym visits at best. Despite the plans you …

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No one ever said eating healthy would be easy, but a customized mealplan to cater to your nutritional needs will definitely assist you in meeting your goals.  This mealplan give you the abilitiy to choose between 3 options for breakfast, lunch and diner. It's very flexibel. Order now: Dynamitegoodies@gmail.com